If you want to get rid of all Cydia copyrights and un jailbreaking on your iOS device, the best solution is to install Delectra on your iDevice. And it is used to fix/jailbreak your iDevice again. You can access it for free without jailbreaking.

App Info:

  • Name: Delectra
  • Type: Free Source
  • Compatibility: iOS 11-11.1.2




What is Delectra?

Delectra is one of the best iOS Tools for removing the Cydia and un-jailbreak the device and it is freely available to users the software is lightweight, easy to use, and occupies less space on the device and there are no limitations and restrictions in this software easily perform the un-jailbreak process


  1. This tool is available to users free of cost
  2. Easy to use there is no difficulty while using the suer can easily un-jailbreak the iOS device
  3.  It is one of the excellent iOS Tools
  4. There are so many options available in this app
  5. The software is simple and does not affect the device
  6. Occupies less space in the device

How to Install Delectra For iOS?

Follow some simple steps for getting Delectra on iOS, the user wants to remove the Cydia and un-jailbreak the device then Delectra is the best tool to perform the task

  • Initially, the user must uninstall all the tweaks and user-installed packages on the device
  • Then un-jailbreak. sh the device with the help of  Electra.
  • Next restart/reboot the device and re-jailbreak without enabling any tweaks
  • Use SSH on the device as root and run it as un-jailbreak. sh from this repo:
  • Commands: cd/Electra

sh unjailbreak. sh

  • After that, it will automatically reboot the device and then reboot/restart the device again


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